Silver Skin


Scottish Book Trust

As part of the Scottish Teenage Book Prize 2017, you can download Silver Skin resources and activities and watch the video!

Historic Scotland

Historic Scotland is responsible for a number of amazing sites on Orkney, including Skara Brae.

Orkneyjar website

A treasure house of Orcadian information, folklore, traditions - everything you've ever wondered about and much, much more.

Digital Dwelling at Skara Brae

A short, spell-binding film about Skara Brae, using kite photography, re-construction and interpretation.

Orkney: A Historical Guide by Caroline Wickham-Jones

If you're planning a trip to Orkney, have a look at this first!

standing stone

Ring of Brodgar, Orkney
This stone was struck by lightning on the 5th June 1980 causing it to shatter. Such events may also have occrred in earlier times, and may account for the damaged state of several other stones in the ring.